Driver of Indian Descent Sentenced to 3 Years for Smuggling Over 800 Indians into the US from Canada via Uber

Rajinder Pal Singh, also known as Jaspal Gill, a driver of Indian descent, has been sentenced to a three-year prison term after confessing to the illegal transportation of 800 Indians from Canada to the US.

Singh admitted to his role in a scheme that exploited the hopes of Indian nationals seeking a better life in the US, while also saddling the smuggled individuals with a massive debt that could amount to as much as $70,000. From July 2018, Singh and his accomplices used Uber to transport people who had unlawfully crossed the border from Canada into the Seattle area.

From mid-2018 to May 2022, Singh arranged over 600 trips, aiding in the transportation of Indian nationals who had been illicitly brought into the US.

The US Customs and Border Protection has noted a significant increase in the number of people apprehended while illegally crossing the border from Canada into the United States in the last six months.

From October to March, the U.S. Border Patrol encountered a total of 100 individuals who had crossed the Canada-U.S. border from Manitoba into either North Dakota or Minnesota. This six-month figure exceeds the total number of illegal border crossers encountered by U.S. authorities throughout the entire previous year.


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