Insane Lyft Driver Flips Out When Asked to Follow Speed Limit – Kicks Passenger Out on the Freeway

Crazy Redneck Lyft Driver

When the Lyft driver doesn’t want to roll up the windows while driving 80. #lyft #lyftdriver #wsmvnashville #newschannel5

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Ah, internet, you’ve done it again. There’s never a dull day on the web, and it’s primarily thanks to the abundant supply of bizarre incidents captured on camera and shared on social media. Today’s digital gem? A Lyft driver who, against all odds, managed to turn a request for fresh air and traffic obedience into a cataclysmic meltdown. The incident was, naturally, shared on Twitter, where we, the lucky witnesses, get to analyze, react, and ultimately chuckle about it. Because really, what else are we going to do?

The hilarious, yet slightly alarming video clip was posted on Twitter by the user @crazyclipsonly with the link here, and the apt title, “Lyft driver enraged at request to roll down the window and go the speed limit.” Before you click and watch, allow me to set the scene.

The video begins with a rather mundane car interior. The passenger, wisely documenting the proceedings, records as they ask the driver (a man who, judging by the vein popping out of his forehead, could use a few yoga classes) if he could roll down the window and stick to the speed limit. Reasonable requests, right? Apparently, not for our Lyft driving friend.

The driver’s reaction is so intense, you would think the passenger just asked him to throw his beloved childhood toy out the window. Or maybe give up his secret stash of Cadbury eggs. But no, all the passenger wanted was a bit of fresh air and the adherence to posted traffic rules.

Mr. Lyft Driver did not take kindly to this. And by “not kindly,” we mean that he appears to have the reaction of a cat being introduced to a vacuum cleaner for the first time. Pure, unfiltered rage and indignation.

What follows can only be described as a minute-long rant that might make you think, “Is this what happens when a human turns into a tomato?” The driver’s face progressively reddens as he engages in what can only be classified as vehement vehicular venting.

His tantrum is riddled with immortal quotes like, “This is my car and my rules!” and “Why don’t you drive if you know so much?” It’s the sort of rhetorical eloquence one expects from a modern-day philosopher, or more precisely, a riled-up Lyft driver on a Tuesday afternoon.

It’s fascinating to think that somewhere, in a parallel universe, a Lyft driver could have responded, “Sure, no problem!” to the same request. Instead, this particular driver decided to audition for the next big role in a reality TV drama.

Let’s get serious for a second (or as serious as we can be when discussing the “Lyft Meltdown of 2023”). It’s crucial to respect your passengers’ requests for safety and comfort when you’re driving for a ride-sharing app. Going ballistic over reasonable demands is not exactly a stellar customer service strategy. But hey, at least it gives us some laughs…and a reason to appreciate every calm, accommodating Lyft driver out there.

So, the next time you hop into a Lyft, maybe slip in a “Thank you for not screaming at me for asking to go the speed limit and roll down the window” at the end of your ride. Who knows? It might just make their day, or, at the very least, it’ll make for another great internet moment.


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