Lyft Releases Long-Awaited Safety Report, Documenting Over 4,000 Sexual Assault Cases

Lyft has finally published its long-overdue safety report, revealing more than 4,000 cases of sexual assault reported between 2017 and 2019. The report shows a 65 percent increase in sexual assaults during that period. However, Lyft maintains that serious safety incidents remain statistically rare despite the rise in numbers.

Although the incidents of sexual assault increased year by year, Lyft points out that the overall percentage of assaults decreased by approximately 19 percent when accounting for the simultaneous growth in the total number of rides provided by the company.

The data presented in the report is based on safety reports received by Lyft, which were thoroughly investigated through driver-rider correspondences, third-party statements, route data, and police reports. However, the report does not provide a specific breakdown of the statistics to differentiate between assaults on riders and assaults on drivers. It also does not specify whether the reported assaults were committed by riders or drivers.

A spokesperson from Lyft confirmed that the organization did not distinguish between assaults on riders and drivers. However, they emphasized in an email that the company’s primary focus is to ensure the safety of all occupants in Lyft vehicles.

Lyft co-founder and president, John Zimmer, stated in the report that safety is a fundamental priority for Lyft. He emphasized their commitment to implementing features and policies that provide peace of mind for both riders and drivers, while also maintaining transparency regarding incidents occurring on their platform.


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