The Trial for a man who is accused of posing as an Uber Driver and attempting to assault women has begun

The legal trial has begun for a man who has been accused of posing as an Uber rideshare driver and would attempt to sexually assault woman.

The woman had claimed the man ripped off her clothes and tried attacking her. She was able to fight the man off and get away. According to police report’s previous statements, the woman was raped, however during the trial, her testimony revealed that she was almost raped.

Defense attorney, Brett Metcalf, tried to make the argument saying that her story did not add up and claimed there was no record of her even calling for an Uber ride. He also stated that in video surveillance, it shows that she was walking and not running when getting out of the car and then returning.

Metcalf said “You see, she didn’t just get into Gary Pyrus’ car voluntarily once outside the Patio, she did it twice.”

The defense attorney for Pyrus had also said that there wasn’t even any evidence to back up her claims.

“Law enforcement found DNA of three people on her neck and chest, but it ain’t Gary Pyrus,” he argued. us,” he argued.

Pyrus has been charged with battery, sexual battery, and kidnapping. Testimony in the case will continue through Wednesday.


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