Man from Springfield found guilty of rape after pretending to be an Uber driver pretended to be an Uber driver found guilty of rape

Earlier this week, a man from Springfield, Illinois was found guilty of first-degree rape and sodomy.

Back in the fall of 2018, 38-year-old Tyson Fairley was arrested and charged with the 2 counts after he pretended to be an Uber driver and sexually assaulted women he picked up from Downtown Springfield who were intoxicated.

The court documents state that the fist incident happened in May 2018 when he had approached a group of intoxicated women close to Missouri State and then offered them a free ride home, acting as an Uber. When he went to drop off the last woman, he reportedly followed her to her apartment and had sex with her, however, she was too drunk to consent.

The women apparently were told his name was Jay and he had left them a business card, claiming to an Uber and Lyft driver, which also had his number on it. This is what lead authorities to finding Fairley.


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