Man now having nightmares after Uber driver ran over his leg after she drove to the wrong location

A Houston man is now speaking out after he says he was attacked by an Uber driver in Northwest Harris County.

The victim, who did not want to be identified stated, “I truly, 100%, believe that this lady wanted to kill me.”

According to the victim, he had been helping a friend drop off a car near West Road when he called for an Uber through the Uber app.

Moments later, he said that the driver called him saying, “This is your Uber driver, where are you?” I said, “Ok, look to your left.” I started to wave her down and she immediately went off,” the victim said.

He said that the driver then started to yell and curse at him because he was at the wrong location.

“She was still on the phone, constantly cursing, I was in complete shock,” he says.

He then decided he wanted to cancel the ride.

He explained that she then says, “Ok, well watch me run your “whatever” over.”

The victim had said everything happened very fast.

He says that she then backs the car up and comes flying at him, thinking he couldn’t believe this was real. He said that the driver then attempted to try and hit him a second time, but missed. 

“I thought to myself, if she pins me against this fence, I’m going to die,” says the victim.

He somehow got out of her way, but she still had ran over his left leg. He had multiple injuries including ankle fractures, bruises, and scrapes. 

He now says he is unable to sleep at night and is having nightmares.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office,  the license plate that was shown on the Uber app did not match the description of the vehicle.

The victim added, “When that license plate number is false or is not registered to the person picking me up, that is where the ball is dropped.” 

An Uber representative had said every single trip is tracked though GPS and they have a team of agents who investigate all accidents, and that they will make sure to take appropriate action.

Local investigators said that they are still searching for the driver that did this to the victim. If you have any information, contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office right away. 


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