Uber Eats Driver Receives One-Star Review for Refusing to Deliver Meth

In a recent incident near Sydney, Australia, a drug dealer attempted an unconventional method of delivering drugs to customers by using the Uber Eats platform. The plan was simple: customers would order drugs, the driver would deliver the package, and the dealer would receive payment through the app. However, things did not go as planned.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the driver became suspicious when she arrived at the restaurant and was given a plastic bag sealed with a black zip tie. The customer claimed the bag contained toothpaste, raising a red flag as the delivery fee was $16 for such a low-cost item. Instead of delivering the bag to the specified address, the driver took it to the police.

Police discovered a toothpaste tube inside the bag, which contained meth. The dealer, frustrated that the driver had canceled the job after pickup and failed to deliver the product, called her to yell at her and subsequently gave her a one-star review.

The driver expected Uber Eats to remove the dealer from the app and eliminate her one-star review. However, the company initially claimed that since she had not delivered the package as assigned, she was in the wrong. Once the Morning Herald began inquiring about why the company sided with a meth dealer, Uber Eats changed its stance, agreeing to remove the negative review and pay the driver for the trip.

Initially stating that they could not adjust ratings for individual trips, the company later informed the driver, Jess, that the one-star rating would be removed and she would be refunded the full fare amount. This change of heart occurred only hours after a reporter began asking questions. Ultimately, Jess received her $16, but the incident highlights the challenges faced by gig workers and the need for companies like Uber Eats to prioritize their safety and wellbeing.


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