Woman Sexually Assaulted by Uber Driver After Being Driven Home from Bar, Police Report

An Uber driver in Mercer County, New Jersey, has been accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger in his vehicle after driving her home from a local bar. According to authorities, the incident transpired on December 1, 2019, when 43-year-old driver Sergio E. Montes picked up the woman at the bar.

Upon arriving at the woman’s residence, Montes allegedly sexually assaulted her inside the car. The victim managed to flee from the vehicle and subsequently reported the incident to the police, who launched an investigation into the allegations.

After conducting an investigation and collecting sufficient evidence against Montes, the police arrested him on December 6, 2019. He now faces charges including one count of first-degree aggravated sexual assault, one count of second-degree sexual assault, and one count of third-degree criminal restraint.

Montes was detained at the Mercer County Correction Center while awaiting a detention hearing. If found guilty, he could face a substantial prison sentence for his actions, sending a strong message to other potential offenders.

This case highlights the importance of personal safety when using rideshare services, emphasizing the need for collaboration between rideshare companies and law enforcement to protect passengers from potential threats. To improve the safety of their passengers, rideshare companies should take steps such as conducting thorough background checks on drivers, implementing additional safety measures in their apps, and encouraging drivers to undergo safety training.

Riders are encouraged to take precautions for their own safety, such as verifying the driver’s name, photo, and vehicle information before entering the car. They should also share their trip details with friends or family members and enable real-time location tracking when available. Furthermore, riders must trust their instincts and not hesitate to leave the vehicle if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any point during the ride.

This case serves as a stark reminder that while rideshare services have become increasingly popular, it is crucial for both the companies and their users to prioritize safety in order to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.


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