Ex-Police Officer, Now Uber Driver, Arrested on Allegations of Sexual Assault During Ride

Luis Alberto Deleon Jr.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) has confirmed the arrest of an Uber driver, Luis Alberto Deleon Jr., who is charged with sexually assaulting a female passenger during her ride home in February.

Deleon, aged 30, is accused of carrying out the assault while driving a 45-year-old woman from a bar in the Thousand Oaks area on Feb. 25. Sheriff Javier Salazar explained at a news conference that Deleon tried to persuade the woman to move to the front seat during the journey, but she refused.

As the story unfolded, it was revealed that Deleon then halted the car, switched to the back seat where the woman was seated, committed the alleged sexual assault, and subsequently left her at a nearby location.

Promptly, the woman reported the incident to the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), which was able to identify Deleon as the accused. The case was later transferred to the jurisdiction of the BCSO as the reported crime had taken place outside city limits.

Through several weeks of diligent investigation, BCSO eventually secured a warrant for Deleon’s arrest on Saturday. At the time, the suspect was thought to be out of state.

Salazar reported that Deleon’s family and friends had informed him of the arrest warrant and subsequent search. Eventually, Deleon was apprehended without incident on Tuesday in downtown San Antonio.

In an additional surprising turn of events, Sheriff Salazar revealed that Deleon had a background in law enforcement. He had previously served as a police officer with the Leon Valley Police Department, though he was not in active service at the time of his arrest.

Leon Valley’s Police Chief, David Gonzalez, confirmed that Deleon was a part of their department from December 2019 to July 2022. He also noted that Deleon had left the department due to personal reasons and, at the time, would have been considered for re-employment.


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