Lyft Driver Allegedly Abandoned Parents on Highway, Taking Their 7-Year-Old Son Along

A Lyft driver in metro Atlanta is facing allegations of abandonment and potential charges after reportedly leaving a couple stranded on the side of the road and driving off with their 7-year-old son. The incident has left the parents shocked and concerned for their child’s safety.

Jeremiah Richardson and Timeshia Dixon found themselves with a flat tire on I-285 in Sandy Springs late Monday night. Seeking assistance, they called for a tow truck and a Lyft driver to transport them home. Placing their young son, Jaxon, in the Lyft car, the parents stepped away to retrieve belongings from their disabled vehicle.

To their disbelief, the Lyft driver abruptly departed, leaving Richardson and Dixon stranded. Dixon expressed her immediate fear, saying, “I didn’t think I was going to see my child again.” Richardson, equally baffled, described the situation as “the worst thing ever,” unable to comprehend how the driver could suddenly speed away while his back was turned.

Jaxon, confused and frightened, expressed his own distress at not understanding what was happening. Dixon, in the midst of gathering their belongings, realized the driver had taken off with their child. Recounting the moment, she lamented, “All I could see was her license plate just fading into the night.”

Attempts to reach the Lyft driver proved futile, leading the distressed parents to contact emergency services for assistance. Meanwhile, the tow truck driver kindly provided Richardson and Dixon with a ride home. Fortunately, Cobb County police later located the driver and Jaxon at the family’s residence. The driver reportedly claimed to be unaware that a child was in the vehicle but acknowledged knowing someone had entered. Jaxon disputed this, stating that she had spoken to him and even offered him a blanket.

Cobb police deemed the incident unintentional, resulting in no charges being filed. However, Dixon strongly disagreed with this assessment, arguing, “Maybe her driving off was the mistake, but when she didn’t answer that phone and she kept driving, that went beyond a mistake.”

Expressing their concern for their son’s well-being, Jaxon’s parents are determined to pursue charges against the Lyft driver. Lyft has conducted its own investigation into the matter, asserting that there was no intention to cause harm. The Sandy Springs police are also actively involved in the ongoing investigation.

The incident has raised serious questions about passenger safety and the responsibility of ride-hailing companies like Lyft. As authorities delve further into the matter, the outcome remains uncertain, leaving the family hopeful for a resolution that ensures the accountability of the Lyft driver and prevents such distressing incidents from occurring in the future.


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