A California Man has been arrested in an Uber human smuggling scheme

Lately, border patrol has been cracking own on human smuggling. In California, a man was arrested after he was found connected to a human smuggling scheme that has been moving people from throughout what’s described as a human smuggling scheme moving people from Canada into Washington.

According to the filed criminal complaint, Rajinder Pal Singh had been using the ride-sharing app Uber to disguise moving move people across the border.

Allegedly, he would split up the trips into multiple rides on the app in order to avoid drawing any suspicion. In one specific case, he allegedly had brought somebody across the Canadian border to the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, and just minutes later had accepted another ride on Uber from the airport to an address that his wife owned.

The authorities said that Singh was charged $12,000 for the part he took in the smuggling operation. Allegedly, he ha been caught on video in Northern California buying a huge quantity of Uber gift cards. Some of these gift cards were used for the trips that started near the Canadian and United States border.

Singh was arrested nearly 2 weeks ago. According to the investigation, this scheme had been going on dating back to at least 2018, but had recently slowed down due to the pandemic.


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