This Terrifying Story of an Uber Driver’s Abduction and Assault Will Make You Rethink Your Next Ride

Johnathan C. Batey

In a truly horrifying incident, a man has been arrested for abducting and sexually assaulting an Uber driver in Norfolk last month. The shocking details of this case are a stark reminder of the dangers that can be lurking during rideshares.

Police responded to a call on Mar. 31, where they found the Uber driver who had been carjacked at gunpoint by a passenger. The woman managed to escape the car, but not before the assailant fired his gun as she fled. Luckily, she wasn’t shot and was able to get help.

The suspect, 24-year-old Johnathan C. Batey, was arrested on Apr. 6 and now faces a slew of serious charges, including abduction, carjacking, rape, attempted malicious wounding, attempted robbery, and use of a firearm.

Currently held without bond at the Norfolk City Jail, Batey’s arrest is a chilling reminder of the potential dangers rideshare drivers can face. An Uber spokesperson expressed their concern and support for the driver, stating, “It pains us to hear the horrific details of this case, and our primary concern is helping the driver get the support she deserves. We banned the rider from the platform as soon as this was reported to us and have been in touch with law enforcement throughout their investigation.”

This terrifying incident underscores the importance of prioritizing safety while using rideshare services, both for drivers and passengers.


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