You Won’t Believe the Punishment This Uber Driver Got for Sexually Assaulting a Passenger

In a shocking case, an Uber driver who sexually assaulted a young woman while she was a passenger in his car has been sentenced to just two months of house arrest, according to the Vancouver Police Department. Mohammed Abu Sayed, 69, was found guilty of one count of sexual assault in October 2022 and sentenced last week.

After his house arrest, Sayed will be on probation for 18 months, with conditions including a ban on working as a ride-share, taxi, or limo driver, as well as a ban on entering liquor stores, bars, pubs, or nightclubs.

Details about the investigation were provided by VPD spokesperson Sgt. Steve Addison to CTV News. The victim, who was 21 at the time, reported the assault in August 2021, while traveling between Vancouver and Coquitlam. Sayed encouraged her to sit in the front seat and assaulted her while she was intoxicated.

Uber confirmed that it suspended Sayed’s access to its platform in August 2021, with a spokesperson stating that his actions were “inexcusable” and that the company cooperated with the investigation.

Sgt. Addison said that reports like this are rare, given the number of people who use ride-shares, taxis, and limos in the city. However, he emphasized the importance of taking such cases seriously when victims come forward.

In 2021, Statistics Canada reported a “sharp” increase in the number of sexual assaults reported to police nationwide. Despite this increase and ongoing discussions around sexual violence, it’s likely that the true extent of sexual assault in Canada is significantly underestimated, as many cases go unreported to police.

This unsettling case highlights the need for increased vigilance and stronger consequences in cases of sexual assault, as well as the importance of prioritizing the safety of both drivers and passengers in ride-sharing services.


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